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Corsa was established to encourage everyone to be a better version of themselves through sports. A healthy body and a healthy mind are fundamental to our wellbeing. At Corsa, we do all we can to make a healthy body accessible to anyone.

We all started somewhere. Some of us were gifted with more athletic ability than others but we all took that first step. It was tough. We were tempted to give up. But we persevered and built ourselves up slowly.

It took encouragement– from others and from ourselves, listening to that inner voice that says that we can make it.
It took community– we came together to motivate each other, to share tips we learned along the way, to cheer each other on when we’re having a bad day.
It took Commitment – to get out of bed and into our trainers early in the morning or to go for a run after a long day at work.
It took discipline – to follow the guidance of our coach, to stick to our exercise routine when we felt like giving up, and to make sensible, healthy choices.
The reward makes it all worthwhile! We feel better about ourselves, we feel healthier and more energetic, and we form part of a wonderful community of athletes who are there for us to cheer us on and keep a huge smile on our faces.

Challenge yourself

Even if you put in 10 minutes of exercise today, you’re a better athlete than you were yesterday. And it’s easier to do 15 minutes tomorrow.

Find Your Community.

You’re not alone in this. There are plenty of others out there with a similar level of ability and experience. Reach out and grow as a group!


INTERSPORT La Valette Marathon Sunday, April 24, 2022

42.2K (Full)
21.1km (Half)
21.1km (Walkathon)

Meeting Point:
START POINT: Exiles, Sliema Seafront
FINISH POINT: Birgu, Freedom Monument

Start Time:
7.00am Full and Full Relays
7.30am Half and Half Relays
7.35am Walkathon


Full Marathon Route

Half Marathon Route

All routes have been awarded AIMS certification.
All routes have permits in place.


Local Participants: 4pm to 8pm, 21st/22nd April
Overseas Participants: 11am to 5pm, 23rd April
at INTERSPORT Piazzetta Sliema

Map Image